Reflections of a Waterfront Staff


The summer of 2017 was my fourth summer at camp...

– by Michael Kitchen – Sailing Instructor/Waterfront Assistant

“My experience working at camp has been unlike any other job I’ve held. It was challenging both physically and emotionally, but at the same time incredibly fun and fulfilling. Working on the waterfront team, and being accountable for the safety of dozens of kids was a huge responsibility. But I loved working with my amazing team and using our eclectic skill to create a safe and lively waterfront. The summer of 2017 was my fourth summer at camp. One of my favorite things was to see the same campers come back every year; building relationships with them and watching them grow in maturity and faith was one of the most worthwhile parts of the work.
Pioneer Pacific is a place of spiritual growth. Not just for campers, but for staff as well. It was one of the places I first truly encountered Christ, where I was baptized, and where I was surrounded by a community of believers. It is a place of questioning, learning, and worshiping in a setting that is apart from the world. It was truly an honor and a blessing to work on summer staff and to make an impact on the lives of campers. I wouldn’t sacrifice my summers at Pioneer Pacific for anything.”
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