Reflections of a Summer Cabin Leader



– by Aidan Sullivan Sandy

My name is Aidan Sullivan Sandy. I am in my first year at Corpus Christi College in Vancouver. I have been going to Pioneer Pacific for five years now.
I began my relationship with the camp as a scrawny, rambunctious young teenager just entering high school. At 13 years old I was nervous, unsure, and curious about who I was, what I believed, and what the world had in store for me. That summer the caring and passionate staff at Pioneer Pacific helped me to experience fellowship and encounter God, in a way that made me fall in love with the amazing community.

Fast forward to this past summer, when I was a Summer Cabin Leader, it was the exact same story. With high school in my rearview mirror and the ‘real world’ approaching fast, the beginning of the summer was a nerve wracking time of uncertainty. However, that feeling did not last long. I was not only once again welcomed in by the community that I loved, but I was given the opportunity to welcome a new generation of campers as a cabin leader. Being a cabin leader allowed me to connect with my faith, and with the entire camp community in a way that strengthened me spiritually. And gave me the necessary tools to tackle my leap into the uncharted waters of post secondary education.

This past summer on staff was an exciting, challenging, and very rewarding experience. I am very thankful for the community I have at Pioneer and for the opportunity to serve the next generation of rambunctious campers like my younger self.

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