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Summer Camp Activities

Our vast range of programs and activities makes Pioneer Camp appealing to children and teens. We encourage campers to try new and exciting activities that are challenging and fun. Exploring the beautiful outdoors with friends are a part of each fun-filled day at camp.
All of our weekly camps have 3-4 activity blocks during the day where campers can participate in our wide range of water and land activities. With the exception of our Leadership Programs, Adventure Camp and Family Camp, campers are free to sign up as individuals for activities outside of their cabin groups. They sign up for a set of activities for Monday & Tuesday and a different set for Thursday & Friday. Sign-up is first come, first served however, the sign-up order is reversed for the second set so everyone has an opportunity to do what they want!

Channel your inner Robin Hood and test out your skills on the archery range! Led by experienced leaders, this activity is great for all levels of skill!
Archery turns into a competitive team game complete with foam-tipped arrows, inflatable bunkers, and protective equipment in two team colours. Put your archery skills to the ultimate challenge of being the last team standing!
Take a break from the other more strenuous activities and stretch your brain and creative skills for a while! Feel free to take part in the planned craft or just create something from the materials provided.
Learn how to skillfully throw an axe at a wooden target and make it stick! This is our newest target sport, and we have both large and small axes to try!
Explore the edge of the ocean or the surrounding woods to see what you can find! This activity encourages the explorer in you!
Ever have questions about different parts of the Bible? Want to study something specific? We cover all sorts of topics during the summer, led by leaders who are just as interested in asking hard questions and finding the answers as you!
Towards the end of summer, the blackberries ripen, allowing us to pick them and make pies. It’s fun and delicious!
Enjoy some hot chocolate and S’mores by the fire. This is a lovely evening activity, with space to chat and make new friends!
Love the ocean but don’t want to swim? This activity is for you. We have single and double kayaks and canoes for you to use to explore the ocean without getting wet!
Love adrenaline? Try cliff jumping! This activity goes across the water to some nearby cliffs, where campers take the leap, under supervision from our wonderful waterfront staff.
Come play with us on Junior Meadow! All manner of activities get played here, from soccer, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee to duck-duck-goose and charades.
From sea cucumbers to fish, you never know what you’ll catch! This activity is a fun way to learn more about the ocean as well as the friends who go along with you. There’s nothing better than a good conversation while waiting to see if you’ll catch a fish!
Explore the area around Pioneer by hiking up Burchell hill or up behind the boathouse!
Another creative activity, music jamming and drama are always fun. Create new music or just play something you know with fellow musicians. Or head over to drama for some laughter and fun games!
Take a boat out for a sail! We have boats that fit 1 to 10 people and instructors to help make your sailing excursion a success!
Explore the ocean floor with some friends and some snorkeling gear! This activity is great if you like to see what grows and lives in the ocean around camp.
Our pool is perfect for all levels of swimming abilities and is complete with toys for pool games, and lounge chairs for soaking up the sun. Our waterfront team works hard to keep the pool clean, safe, and fun for everyone!
Take a thrilling trip being pulled behind the ski boat all around the bay! This activity is for the adventure-loving camper as well as those who just want to try new things.
Try some new moves, laugh, and have fun! This activity is not only a great workout but also a time to goof off and try something new in the pool!
Have a competitive edge? This game is a fun way to spend your activity block in the pool.
This playground on water is the place to be on hot, sunny days. Join in a group game of “Infection,” where campers and cabin leaders try to be the last man standing, or race around the track to see if you can make it all the way around without falling in. No matter what you do, you’ll have a fun time on the Wibit!
Swim on out to the ski dock and try water-skiing or wake-boarding! Similar to their winter sport cousins, these activities involve being strapped in to skis or a wake-board and pulled behind the ski boat. There’s nothing more exhilarating than standing up during this activity!

Please note that the availability of these activities is subject to the weekly program team and all activities may not be available at all camps.

Packing for Camp


Detailed information will be sent later this spring with confirmation of your camp registration. Please Note:

  • Out-trippers may require more specialized equipment, which can often be borrowed, rented or bought used.
  • All clothing and gear, especially luggage, must be clearly labelled.
  • Make sure all medication is clearly labeled with the camper’s name, dosage, frequency, etc. All medications must be in original packaging.
  • Do not bring knives, valuable jewelry, items requiring electricity, music players, or cell phones.
  • Most of our programming takes place outside. Cotton clothing is good for warm, sunny days. Wool, polyester, and nylon are much warmer options for cold/wet weather. If possible, please pack a mix of both.


If you do not see an answer to your question, check our FAQ page or contact us. We are more than happy to help!


Transportation To & From Camp


Find information on special round-trip transportation from Tsawwassen & Chemainus Ferry Terminals. Click for details.

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A Day in the Life of Camp


A typical day at camp is filled with activities, meal times, learning about God, cabin discussions, and a bit of free time.

  • What an average day at camp can look like!

              Times, events, and activities may change depending on the age-group or type of camp.

  • 7:30 Wake up!
  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • 8:45 Cabin Clean-Up
  • 9:15 Lodge Time
  • 10:45 Activity 1
  • 12:00 Lunch!
  • 12:45 Free time – Usually filled by visiting the Tuck Shop or buying ice cream
  • 1:30 Activity 2
  • 2:45 Activity 3
  • 4:00 Snack time!
  • 4:30 Activity 4
  • 6:00 Dinner!
  • 6:45 Free time
  • 7:15 Wide game – This is a game played across camp that usually involves a bit of competition between the cabins and some strategy!
  • 8:15 Mug up – One last snack before Evening Club and bedtime!
  • 8:45 Evening Club
  • 10:00 Cabin time
  • 10:45 Lights out!