Everything we do at Pioneer Camp is for the purpose of helping children and youth grow spiritually, mentally, socially and physically in a fun-filled and safe place of adventure and challenge. As a Christian camp, everything we do is based on our Biblical convictions about our relationship to God and with one another. This means that we respect the dignity of every person, desire their best and commit to doing our best to help them know they are loved and cared for by God. As a Canadian camp, we adhere to federal and provincial human rights codes.


Meet Our Team


Our staff are well trained to mentor and guide in all aspects of camp life, from developing skills to engaging in conversations about life and faith. We recognize that we live in a world where people have many different beliefs, perspectives and practices. We are committed to welcoming and treating all people with dignity and respect.


Our Story



In 1954 a group of leaders from InterVarsity were given the task of finding a location for a West Coast Pioneer Camp.
Percy Wills of the Shanty Mission heard of the search and knew of a man on Thetis Island who was interested in giving some of his property for a Christian camp.



In 1955, Christian college students volunteered their time to cut trees, clear land and built the first structures at Pioneer Pacific. The first teen camp started in the summer of 1955. It lasted 12 days and was attended by 80 teenagers. They slept and dined in tents.
Since that time thousands of young people have attended camps here where they have heard about God’s love and experienced the beauty of his creation. We offer many activities, including tubing, water-skiing, wake-boarding, sailing, snorkeling, archery, mountain biking, and wall climbing.



We love kids. We love seeing them discover they can do more than they realize. We love watching them develop life-long friendships. We love listening to their laughter. We love seeing them grow and mature as they discover how much God loves them. We love welcoming them back to camp, year after year.
Our site in the Gulf Islands boasts 76 acres, two waterfront bays, a pool, and accommodations for over 200. We run summer camps and leadership programs for school-aged kids in July and August and are available as a rental site for retreats during the rest of the year.


About InterVarsity

It all began with one student.


At 25, Howard Guinness heard God ask him to put his medical studies on hold, leave his home and friends in Oxford and sail across turbulent waters for the sake of reaching out to university students in Canada. It would have been easier for Howard to say no, to stay where he was comfortable… but he said yes. And with the help of a few friends, he raised funds for a one-way ticket to Canada.

He spent the next year criss-crossing the country, urging students to see the campus as a place where God would capture the attention—even the very lives—of their friends. Broadening their strategy beyond the university, Howard and a group of student leaders organized the first InterVarsity camp for high school students. Going further, they took part in forming the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, a mission determined to introduce Jesus to students all over the world.

Through it all, they pursued Jesus with unwavering conviction. And because of the risky obedience that Howard and countless others have shown through the years, we can continue their work today, helping thousands of Canadian students hear God’s call. Almost 90 years later, they’re still saying yes.

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What We Believe


Being shaped by God’s word and led by the Holy Spirit, the purpose of InterVarsity is the transformation of youth, students and graduates, in all their ethnic diversity, into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

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We are a well established camp offering a warm and welcoming environment for campers in the summer and rental groups from September to June. Explore all we have to offer!


Committed to Excellence


Fully accredited by provincial camping associations, we follow recommended guidelines and standards in all areas including food service, health and safety, program and staffing. Trained leaders, committed to providing your child with an outstanding camping experience supervise all activities.

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