We at Pioneer Camp Pacific are happy to announce that for the 2020 season we will be opening our cabins and have 10 campsites available for short term rentals! Come with your family and spend a few nights on the beautiful shores of Thetis Island. We are following enhanced cleaning procedures to keep you and your crew safe while staying at Pioneer. Register now for more information to book your stay today!

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Fast Facts:

  • Units are rented from Sunday to Friday and you are required to buy meal service. We are not allowed to cook in cabins or on campsites. No alcohol allow on site.
  • Two sit-down meals and a take-out breakfast will be provided. A brag lunch will be provided on Friday departure. Meal times will be assigned to ensure proper physical distancing.
  • Units are rented from Sunday to Friday and you are required to buy meal service for all guest coming on site.
  • Only the following activities will be available at assigned times during the day: Pool, Canoes, Kayaks, Archery, some crafts and the beaches.
  • Guests are REQUIRED to bring their own bedding and we encourage you to bring lawn chairs
  • We will not have medical staff on-site as we normally would for our summer camps but Thetis has an emergency 911 paramedic service and our staff will help in any emergency situations.
  • Washrooms and cabins are assigned by household during your stay to aid in physical distancing.
  • A bagged lunch and supper can be provided upon request.
  • Rentals are open only to BC residents.


Cost Breakdown

Tent Platforms6$65.00$325.00
Senior Hill/Quarterberth5$85.00$425.00
Adult Food$20.00$100.00
Child 3-10$12.00$60.00
Child 0-2FreeFree

Cost Breakdown


  • $50.00/day
  • $250.00/week

  • $65.00/day
  • $325.00/week

  • $75.00/day
  • $375.00/week

  • $20.00/day
  • $100.00/week

  • $12.00/day
  • $60.00/week

  • free/day
  • free/week