AGES 12-16 | CO-ED | JULY 22 - 28 | Overnight camp for youth

Come experience camp and learn English!


年齡: 12-16歲 |7月22日-7月28日 | 青少年營隊


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This week long camp is designed for campers aged 12-16, who speak Mandarin and want to learn English in a fun, Christian camp environment.


Date: July 22 – 28




期間: 7月22日-7月28日


Registration opens in November


Immersion Camp 全英語營

Co-ed | Ages 12 - 16 | July 22 - 28

Kids are carefully placed into cabin groups, each with cabin leaders who speak both English and Mandarin. These cabin groups will act as their families for the week. Each day will have English class in the morning, activities in the afternoon, and games and Bible studies in the evening. Throughout the week, the campers will do a variety of camp activities, such as archery, field games, swimming, and kayaking. The hope is for the kids to leave having improved their English in a supportive, adventurous environment.

學生會被分到不同的小組,每個小組都會有一個會說中、英文的小隊長。這個小組也就是這週內每個人的【小家庭】。在這個營隊裡每天都會過得相當充實,早晨的英文課接著下午的活動,最後是晚上的遊戲時間和查經班。在這一星期中,學生會參與一系列的營隊活動,例如射箭、游泳、 划獨木舟還有草地上的球類或團體運動。這個營隊希望學生能在探險與娛樂中學習英文。